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Bonafide - Pendant - Oxidized Sterling -  Close Up

Bonafide - Pendant - Oxidized Sterling

Gab McNeil

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Material Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Finish Oxidized
Bonafide Pendant

This pendant is designed and hand crafted in Canada by designer Gab Mc Neil as part of the “Bonafide” collection. Offered in a variety of high quality metals.

Each “Bonafide” piece expresses Gab McNeil’s fascination with birth, life, death and beyond. The first adornments worn were derived from the hunt: teeth, claws, horns and bones. Hunters wore these accessories as trophies for their supernatural properties, believing they would bring them good luck for the next hunt. The human tooth featured in the “Bonafide” collection represents our roots and wisdom gained throughout life.

 Please note that due to process very slight differentiation may occur.