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Gabriel McNeil is the creative mind behind Gab McNeil Design. Following three generations of architects, ceramists and sculptors, artistic expression has always been innate with Gab. As a product designer he seeks to merge aesthetic, fashion and art into powerful products. Design informs the shape and function of products he creates and passion speaks to the impact he wishes will be experienced by the user.

As a product designer Gab seeks to create and provide new products that explore different mediums of expression to those looking for distinction of character. The pieces are a reflection of the honesty in each wearer’s individuality, and Gab strives to inspire users to celebrate what makes them unique and find new meaning in the items so personal to them.
Gab has collaborated with celebrated artists and worked with world-class brands. His trademark aesthetic puts high-art and functionality into a singular creative outcome, combining attention to detail, innovative craftsmanship and new technologies. In this spirit Gab McNeil Design creates valued objects to be worn and enjoyed.