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Materials & Care Instructions


General Care Instructions

To lessen tarnishing avoid contact with chemicals, dishwashing liquids and moisturizers and remove jewelry before sleeping. Also you can give your piece a rub with the Gab Mc Neil polishing cloth! This varies from person to person according to acidic levels in the skin and according to the climate, as tarnishing is less when dry.



A key component of silver jewelry design is managing tarnish and oxidization. Though the beauty of Sterling Silver is its high luster polish, at Gab Mc Neil we design and produce pieces that not only lend themselves well to the effects of silver tarnish, but also age gracefully. Natural signs of wear can add authenticity, giving a well-earned look. Gab Mc Neil pieces are cast in jewelry standard 925 Sterling Silver (never plated), which represents 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% base metals. Silver is mixed (alloyed) with base metals to make the alloy more durable, and this is where the tarnish comes from. The base metals in the 925 react with sulfur in the air or skin causing tarnish.



For the Gab Mc Neil oxidized 925 Sterling Silver pieces don't worry about care instructions, because it’s all about the oxidized look, each piece taken on its own character.



Gab Mc Neil also sells 10K Gold pieces, boasting the beauty and non-tarnish properties of gold as well as durability made for everyday wear.